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Small Business Loans

  • Get up to $1 million in 24 hours
  • Fastest approval process in our industry
  • APR starting at 7%
  • Rates are customized to fit your business
  • No risk to you

Quick and Easy Loan Approvals

Our application takes less than 5 minutes

Lowest Rates Guaranteed

We will match any competitor rate.

No Collateral Requirements

Unsecured Based on your Business Revenue

How does it work?

Many business owners are turning to alternative lending options and getting away from banks and their preposterous loan qualifications. A lot of online “lenders” are just brokers that auction your application to the highest paying bidder. This can leave you with unanswered questions. Fortified Funding provides a simple and direct answer. We appeal to today’s entrepreneurs because we offer:

Small Business Loans
from %
$ M
In Credit Approved

What do I need?

Our goal is to determine your goal. With your best interests in mind we want to find out the how, what, when, where, and why. We do this because it is important to know the correct amount of funding you need. Obviously, you want to get enough cash for your business, but often business get over funded. Commission hungry brokers can give too much funding to an unknowing business that will eventually stifle their cash flow. Here at Fortified Funding, your expert advisor will work with you and your team to determine exactly how much and when is the best time to fund your business.

$40,000 Annual Revenue

500+ FICO Score

Business Bank Account

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