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Construction Business Loans

  • Get up to $1,000,000 financed in 1-2 days
  • Interest rates starting at 7%
  • 3-month to 24-month terms
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Both secured and unsecured loans available

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What are Construction Business Loans?

The construction industry is infamous for being capital intensive. Owning and managing a construction firm requires hard work, expertise, and a lot of resources. Contractors always need liqudity to start new projects and fund the working capital for existing ones. Contractor business loans are important to keep up with the need to purchase materials, buy new equipment, and to hire employees. It’s widely known that contractors are always waiting to get paid by their customers and sub-contractors. Based on the payment waterfall, sub-contractors are usually waiting for the longest. Most contractors are paid when paid, which means they are not paid until the GC is paid. This typically causes a constant need for working capital to bridge the payment gap. Fortified Funding goes the extra mile to provide you with personalized construction business loans. By using the right financing solution, you can continue to grow your business without thinking about having the capital available to you.

How does it work?

When you need a business loan, a regular business term loan is not the only option. It’s a fact that most
loan types don’t fit all businesses’ needs. Your business needs funding for day-to-day expenses and
smaller investments, or even just for one large expense. The strict payment schedule of a business term
loan may not be flexible enough for your business’s needs. These loans work differently from most other
business loans. Fortified Funding will work with you to find out is your best option.

Do I Qualify?

To work with us all you need is to have:

  • 3 months in business
  • 500+ Credit Score
  • $60,000+ Annual Revenue

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